Sue’s hairdressing skills have been sought after by discerning clients for over 30 years. Sue originally founded Sweeney Todd over 30 years ago and has now returned to fulfil her passion to help men and women with hair loss.

Following years of training with experts in this field she now offers a bespoke, discreet service to hair loss sufferers and those with problematic scalp conditions especially clients suffering with sensitive scalps due to over colour application. If you wanted to go on and look into hair transplants Sue can also recommend some of the best experts in the field.

Sue believes in a natural approach to treating your hair and scalp problems and uses La Biosthetique hair care.

She understands hair loss can be stressful and affect your self-esteem and confidence so all visits take place in a private consultation room. Using microscopy Sue will assess your hair follicles and scalp. This microscopic consultation involves a detailed examination of the live hair root (bulb) and indicates the likely cause of the hair loss. Sue will then offer a prescription of La Biosthetique products to help this underlying problem.

When it comes to hair replacement Sue’s professional skills as a creative and talented hairdresser come to the fore. She can advise you on your choice of wig, ensure it is professionally fitted for comfort and self-confidence, cut and style it so it looks and behaves like your own hair and colour match it. In short, Sue will make you want to look in the mirror again and help you face the world with confidence.