L’ANZA products include the latest technology and the kindest ingredients to restore hair to optimum health.

The unique Keratin Bond System is a major factor in the range, targeting hair damage due to harsh environments. The system combines hair proteins with intensive moisturisers and gentle botanical ingredients.

For an advanced and luxurious treatment, enlist the help of L’ANZA’s Advanced Healing products which include Nano Science, delivering much needed repair deep into your hair. The range is sulphate free and contains 3 sunscreens, UVA, UVB and UVC. The formula ensures hair colour is rich and long lasting with extra protection against colour fading and scalp irritation.




La Biosthetique, pride themselves on their 50+ years of experience in natural hair and skin care. This family-owned European business cites nature as its main inspiration and their products provide effective, professional results.

All products are dermatologically tested in the best European laboratories; their range directly addresses both hair and skin problems with powerful natural plant-based ingredients.

La Biosthetique offer bespoke treatments including:

Prescriptive scalp and hair care
Hair Loss solutions
Professional Colour
Premium Skincare
Aromatherapy benefits for both hair and body